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Acclarix AX7

Redefining Innovation Through Value and Performance
Within its sleek footprint, the AX7 is a fully featured, premium performance diagnostic ultrasound system with advanced imaging technologies, dual touch screens and a gesture-control user interface. A full suite of next-generation transducers supports a wide range of clinical applications. Highly portable you can take the system anywhere it is needed.
​Features and Benefits


The Acclarix AX7 incorporates Silicon Valley innovation and design expertise. The 128-channel hardware architecture offers exceptional processing power resulting in outstanding image quality. Available on the system are many technologies including:
• TAI -Tissue Adaptive Imaging – Edan’s proprietary imaging technology
• eSRI - Speckle Reduction Imaging
• Panoramic Imaging
• Needle Visualization Technology
• One touch image optimization
• Tissue Doppler Imaging
• Automated measurement tools including Auto IMT and Auto OB
• Comprehensive set of DICOM functions
• 3D/4D capability with eFace feature to automate volume editing

System Design




 Designed from the ground up with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation the AX7 features design breakthroughs that make operation easy, fast and intuitive.
• High definition 15” LCD monitor, tilts and swivels for optimal viewing at any angle.
• Dual gesture-controlled touchscreens simplify workflow. The 10” touch screen is customizable to personalize

  workflow. The 5” multi-touch, virtual trackball enables multiple functions at your fingertips.
• The control panel is fully sealed. The glass touchscreens and keys are encased in a silicon rubber for easy

  cleaning and to aid in maintaining infection control.
• Battery operation and wireless data transfer enable continuous workflow wherever you are.
• A compact design and optional carrying case allows the system to be conveniently transported to where it is




TAI is a unique and proprietary technology pioneered by Edan. TAI continuously and dynamically interacts with the returning echoes and adapts the image based on the characteristics of the tissues being imaged. Without any user interaction the system
is adjusting multiple parameters. TAI is available in B-mode, color and spectral Doppler. Some of the benefits of TAI are:
- Enhanced image contrast, improved definition of anatomic boundaries and tissue architecture and educed clutter noise
- Improved color sensitivity and better flow aesthetics
- Improved spectral fill-in and border detection



eSRI uses real-time image processing to improve visualization of anatomy and pathology by reducing the speckle noise. Edan's speckle reduction imaging technology uses an advanced multi-scale anisotropic filtering algorithm. This filtering technology separates regions of noise from diagnostic information by acting differently on noise versus true anatomic information enhancing image clarity.





Spatial Compounding Imaging

Spatial Compounding combines multiple images acquired at different angles to form a single image with improved quality. This results in images with reduced speckle noise and enhanced contrast.