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EDAN Announced Its Commitment to Greater Cooperation with NHS at EBME 2023


COVENTRY, England, Jun. 29, 2023  – Edan Instruments, Inc. (300206.SZ), a leading global provider of medical and healthcare solutions, showcased its innovative range of medical and laboratory equipment at the EBME 2023 exhibition in the United Kingdom. The event, which serves as a vital platform for decision-makers in the medical equipment sector within the NHS and private healthcare industry, took place from Jun. 28 to 29 at Coventry Building Society Arena.

EBME Expo 2023 at Conventry, England.jpg

“Medical equipment management is ultimately a process that includes buying, using and maintaining equipment, which is why we have now included a dedicated procurement and training conference area,” said Dr John Sandham, the Chairman of EBME Expo. As one of the largest sponsors of this exhibition, EDAN expected to provide a rewarding experience with its advanced technologies presented and interacted with healthcare professionals. Their audiences are involved in areas such as procurement, maintenance, user training, and managing inventories.

"We are delighted to participate in the largest gathering of electronic and biomedical engineers across the UK," said Cliff Juby, the General Manager of Edan Medical UK. "This event allows us to demonstrate our commitment to localization and further strengthen our partnerships with healthcare providers in the region."


Exchange insights with end-users @ EBME 2023.jpg

EDAN has been actively engaged in the UK market for years, aimed at delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of the UK healthcare system. Edan Medical (UK) Limited, one of the subsidiaries of the company, was established in November 2017 and served as a main stronghold in the UK. The office has achieved major milestones and has been working in close cooperation with the National Health Service (NHS), such as on the Nightingale Hospital project since COVID in 2020.

EDAN UK Team @ EBME Expo.jpg

“The NHS is investing record sums to deliver huge benefits for patients and staff, including 16 new hospital upgrades and 92 community diagnostic centres to provide tests, checks, and scans, as well as the renewal and replacement of equipment,” Juby mentioned. “To respond to the increasing local demand, EDAN will attain closer cooperation with NHS, facilitating to achieve excellence in medical equipment management in the UK healthcare, and ensuring the highest standards of patient care."

For more information, please visit www.edanuk.com.