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EDAN Brought Its Comprehensive Solutions to Zdravookhraneniye 2022


MOSCOW, Russia, Dec. 5, 2022  - Edan Instruments, Inc. (300206. SZ) brought its healthcare solutions covering five product lines back to Moscow from Dec. 5 to 9 for Zdravookhraneniye 2022. It is the showpiece event of Russian Health Week, a major series of healthcare exhibitions and conferences taking place in Moscow, which brings together major Russian and EAEU international trade shows for healthcare. The event gathered over 700 exhibitors from 25 countries, attracting more than 15,000 professional visitors this year.

EDAN Ultrasound @ Zdravookhraneniye 2022.jpg

“The event is absolutely the suitable platform for EDAN to choose our ideal partners in Russia, even in the EAEU regions," Said Victor Xiao, Senior Regional Sales Director of EDAN. "We seized it as a great opportunity to reach out to the local market, and we will keep on strengthening the localization strategy of EDAN."

Mentioning the products and solutions, EDAN presented comprehensive ultrasound imaging solutions at this event, from cart-based to portable. Among all kinds of the ultrasound system, Acclarix LX9 draw much attention as the flagship model, with its excellent image quality, brilliant workflow, and user-friendly operation.

EDAN F15 Captured Attention @ Zdravookhraneniye 2022.jpg

F15 Series, the next-generation fetal and maternal monitor, were presented at the event and captured the public’s eye. With the unique IQ intelligent algorithm, UX optimization, and hardware up-gradation, F15 Series received positive feedback from the professionals on-site, reflecting the superiority of its functions.

“Product quality is more important than price to Russian customers when it comes to the acquisition of new technologies, which coincides with EDAN’s mission,” Eric added. During this 5-day journey, EDAN was expected to meet a significant amount of healthcare and trade professionals from throughout Russia and beyond. “We expect to contribute more to the healthcare field in this region.”

Visit EDAN’s booth 23B34 in Pav.2 Hall 3. For more information, please visit EDAN’s Facebook page.